Properties Owned by Ausbon Sargent

Ausbon Sargent's mission is to help to protect the rural landscape of our region. The main way we do this is through the use of conservation easements, but over the years we have also protected some properties through ownership. Some landowners have gifted their land to Ausbon Sargent. In a few very special cases, the land trust has made the decision to purchase a property. When Ausbon Sargent owns a property, the management and upkeep of it are the sole responsibility of the land trust. Over the years, we have been fortunate to have acquired some very special properties. The list below shows the properties that are currently owned by Ausbon Sargent. Some properties are managed for public use with trail systems, while others have restricted access to protect sensitive ecosystems. Please click the links below to learn more about each property and be sure to contact our office with any questions!

  1. Between the Mountains Preserve - Newbury
  2. Cassey Brook Preserve - Wilmot               Trail/Map
  3. Christopher Cummer Preserve - Springfield
  4. Cordingley Preserve - New London     Trail/Map
  5. Evergreen Point - New London
  6. McLeod Preserve - Andover
  7. The Messer Farm - New London
  8. The Messer Farm Expansion - New London
  9. Mountain Brook Forest Preserve - Andover     Trail/Map
  10. Old College Road Preserve - Andover
  11. Roby Preserve - Andover
  12. Two Brook Woods - New London
  13. Wayne and Trudy Beaver Saga Pond Forest - Warner
  14. Bradford Bog Headwaters - Bradford