Ausbon Sargent's Land Protection Criteria

All potential land protection projects are reviewed by Ausbon Sargent's Lands Committee and then voted approval by the Board of Trustees according to a list of specific criteria. The more favorable criteria met and the fewer unfavorable criteria met, the more likely the Board is to approve a project.

Favorable criteria:

The property:

  • Is visible and benefits the public
  • Is or has the potential to be productive agricultural or forest land
  • Protects a scenic view
  • Protects a lake, stream, wetlands or watershed
  • Is likely to be developed in the future in a way that does not preserve the rural character of the area
  • Contains significant wildlife habitat
  • Has been identified in your town's Master Plan as a priority for preservation
  • Provides public use and/or has widespread community support
  • Is close to land that is already under protection and/or may encourage abutters to protect their properties
  • Can pay for itself or lend itself to special fundraising

Unfavorable criteria

The project:

  • Primarily benefits a single landowner or developer and is being done only for tax benefits or personal privacy
  • Is not especially productive
  • Would be expensive and use up significant financial or goodwill assets of Ausbon Sargent
  • Would present a stewardship or monitoring problem
  • Is found to be irreparably contaminated
  • Landowner is unable to obtain a mortgage subordination or insists on retaining unacceptable rights to the land