Old College Road Preserve

  • 54.00 acres
  • 3/14
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Old College Road Preserve

Old College Road and Agony Hill Road, Andover

In 2002, a group of concerned neighbors in East Andover purchased a 54-acre parcel of land to protect it from future development. The group, including Alex Bernhard and Myra Mayman, Fritz and Barbara Hunting, Joyce Jones, Jon and Vicki Mishcon, and Lori Cox, named the property Old College Road Preserve. After more than 10 years of ownership, the property owners approached Ausbon Sargent to discuss their desire to gift full ownership of Old College Road Preserve to the Land Trust. In 2014, Ausbon Sargent accepted ownership of the property. As the new owner, Ausbon Sargent will assume the current use taxes for the property and will have the flexibility to manage the property independently.

Not only does Old College Road Preserve have good forestry soils, but a portion of the property is listed as supporting landscapes under the 2010 Wildlife Action Plan. There are vernal pools on the property that support native amphibians. The most important factor in insuring the preservation of Old College Road Preserve, however, is its connectivity to other land. This 54-acre parcel, with frontage on both Old College Road and Agony Hill Road, is adjacent to over 2,400 acres of previously conserved land.

Ausbon Sargent thanks those who have entrusted them to own and manage Old College Road Preserve.


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