Cassey Brook Preserve

  • 201.00 acres
  • 2/20
  • U
Cassey Brook Preserve


On February 13, 2020, Ausbon Sargent accepted full ownership of the Cassey Brook Preserve on Wilmot Center Road in Wilmot. Of all the properties that Ausbon Sargent has assisted in protecting, the Cassey Brook Preserve represents the sixth property that is owned by the land trust.

This 201-acre property is primarily forested, but also has open areas and wetlands. It is the third and largest Ausbon Sargent protected property in Wilmot. Debbie Stanley shared, "The protection of the Cassey Brook Preserve was made possible using funds generously donated by neighbors of this property.  We thank the landowner, Dick Chase, who agreed to sell the property for less than the appraised value by discounting the sale price approximately 10% in value."

The Cassey Brook Preserve was managed for forestry in the past, so the property had woods roads in good condition and large open areas created from past log landings. Some of the former woods roads are now managed as trails. Trails are maintained with the help of the Wilmot Conservation Commission. A pleasant hike from Wilmot Center Road will bring visitors to beautiful views of Mt. Kearsarge. The view of Mt. Kearsarge will be maintained and will serve as early succession wildlife habitat with young regeneration serving as a food source. The trail map can be found HERE.
The size of the property and its location make it a valuable wildlife habitat. Cassey Brook Preserve is open for low-impact recreation, including hiking, hunting, and nature observation.
For hunting information on this property, please contact our Stewardship Manager, Anne Payeur at

*Access and parking to this trail are not suitable in the winter months. When road is clear, please do not to block driveway of the residence on the access road* Turn right on right-of-way shared driveway with address 654 Wilmot Center Road and follow the right-of-way past the driveway, back to the right where the woods open up to the power line and park before the forest gate.

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