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Volunteer Monitor Virtual Training

Welcome and thank you for joining Ausbon Sargent Land Preservation Trust’s volunteer monitoring program!

This page is for registered volunteers who will be monitoring properties in 2023-2024 or to serve as a refresher for our seasoned monitors. New monitors, you should also be registered for one of the in-person training sessions June 9 or June 13, 2023

This page is designed to prepare you for our in-person training session and will be a resource for you to refresh your knowledge before your site visit later on. Please take the time to review the videos and handouts below before your training session.  **Happy Training!!**

About this virtual training:
The goal of this online training is to provide you with the background skills and information to monitor a property with an Ausbon Sargent conservation easement or that is owned by Ausbon Sargent. Though every property is different, the protocol for monitoring is consistent.

This virtual training is a mix of handouts and videos and is designed to be completed as two 30-minute modules. Either follow this web page to download files and watch videos individually from the YouTube play list here.

Module 1: Intro to Monitoring

Download the following handout and follow along while watching Video 1 and 2

Video 1: Welcome to Volunteer Monitor Training

Ausbon Sargent’s Land Protection Specialist, Andy Deegan introduces Ausbon Sargent and how easements are vital tools for conservation as well as the goals of the monitoring program. Please note this presentation was originally recorded in 2021; the handout that accompanies it has a 2023 update.

Video 2: Overview of the Monitoring Program

Ausbon Sargent’s Stewardship Manager, Anne Payeur describes the goals and structure of the monitoring program. Learn why monitoring is necessary and how to have a successful monitoring visit.

Module 2: Skills for Monitoring a Property

Download the following handout and follow along while watching Video 3:

Video 3: What’s in a Monitoring Packet

Ausbon Sargent’s Stewardship & Outreach Assistant, Glennie LeBaron describes the typical forms and materials volunteers receive in a monitor packet before they visit a property. See the information you receive, forms you will need to complete, and how to write a narrative. Please note this presentation was originally recorded in 2021. The Monitor Protocol and Monitor Reports that are discussed have a 2022 update included in Handout 2.

Download the following handout and follow along while watching Video 4:

Video 4: Reading a Survey

Ausbon Sargent’s Stewardship & Outreach Assistant Glennie LeBaron goes over the key features of a survey map and the tips and tricks to navigating a property during your monitoring visit.

Download the following handout and follow along while watching Video 5:

Video 5: Using a Compass

This video by Mountains Recreation and Conservation Authority describes how to use a baseplate compass and follow a bearing.

*Optional* If you’d like to learn more about using a GPS app on your phone to assist you while monitoring, download the following handout:

Questions and Reminders

Congratulations on finishing your online training!

This page will be available to you throughout the year as a resource and refresher before you monitor.

We look forward to seeing you at one of our in-person trainings June 9th or 13th at 1pm.

If you have any questions about the training, the program, or the property you will be monitoring please email Stewardship Manager, Anne Payeur at