Ausbon Sargent Closes on Messer Farm Expansion Property

We are happy to share the exciting news that Ausbon Sargent has just closed on the 9.4-acre Messer Farm Expansion property in New London! This land purchase came together rather quickly, once we learned that the parcel abutting our newly-purchased Messer Farm property was up for sale. And thanks to over 350 donors, the Burton Morgan Foundation and Fields Pond Foundation, we were able to close on April 15, as originally planned. The Messer Farm Expansion property is the 13th property that the land trust owns and manages.

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Ausbon Sargent Closes on 5.56 Acre "Stamper Project"

On July 30, 2021 Ausbon Sargent purchased the 5.65-acre Stamper property that lies adjacent to the Sawyer Brook Headwaters property in Grantham. The Town of Grantham recently worked with Ausbon Sargent to conserve the 384.5-acre Sawyer Brook Property. This additional piece, which is mostly forested, will not only offer safe access on the southern side of the Sawyer Brook property, but it will also protect several significant vernal pools, which provide breeding grounds for many amphibians.




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28 Acres in New London Gifted to Ausbon Sargent Land Trust

On March 26, 2021 the Land Trust was gifted 28 acres of land on Pleasant Street in New London. This property was purchased by the donors with the intent to conserve it with Ausbon Sargent. Besides preserving the fields, forests, stone walls, views and habitat, this property helps protects the White and Red Brooks, which in turn protect Pleasant Lake.

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