Two Brook Woods

  • 28.00 acres
  • 3/21
  • U
Two Brook Woods

Pleasant Street, New London

The 28-acre Two Brook Woods property was gifted to Ausbon Sargent on March 26, 2021. This parcel of land is visible when driving along Pleasant Street in New London, and was purchased by the donors with the intent to conserve it with the land trust. The protection of this property is important; not only are the open fields, stone walls, forest and scenic views treasures, but both the White and Red Brooks run through the property, which lead into pristine Pleasant Lake. A property such as this would have been prime for development, but thankfully, the donors had higher aspirations for these 28 acres.

Another advantage to this property being conserved is that it abuts the Messer Farm property, which is 144-acres of conserved forest and farmland, owned and managed by Ausbon Sargent, in the heart of New London. The addition of the Two Brook Woods property will further elongate the future trail network in this area, and will make it possible to hike or cross country ski between the Messer forest all the way to Pleasant Street.

We thank the donors for their forward-thinking and their love of the land, which contributes to the health of the water and wildlife, and preserves the general aesthetic beauty and charm of our area. This property will be open to the public and available for low-impact recreation.

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