McLeod Preserve

  • 24.72 acres
  • 1/16
  • L
McLeod Preserve

Off of Currier Road, Andover

On January 21, 2016, the JD McLeod Company, Inc. donated this 24.72-acre parcel of land, in fee, to Ausbon Sargent.  The McLeod land donation represents the fourth property that Ausbon Sargent owns.  Full ownership, also referred to as fee simple ownership, is a method of protecting land, that has conservation value and provides a public benefit, when the landowners no longer want to own their land. The McLeod property is a valuable addition as it is mostly forested property and is highly ranked for wildlife habitat with extensive water resources, including a perennial stream that flows through a wetlands area along the western boundary of the acreage. The McLeod property also has nearly 900 feet of frontage on the scenic Northern Rail Trail which was created from the rail system of the, now defunct, Northern Railroad.  The Rails to Trails Conservancy in Washington, D.C. has added the 52-mile Northern Rail Trail in Grafton and Merrimack Counties to its list of “100 Top Trails in the U.S.”  
The McLeod property was protected with the assistance of the Town of Andover Conservation Commission and the acreage was given to Ausbon Sargent with no restrictions.  It will be managed for the public benefit, as is the intention of the Ausbon Sargent mission.

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