Evergreen Point

  • 10.00 acres
  • 9/05 ;8/15
  • N
Evergreen Point

Newport Road, New London

Marjorie Young bequeathed Evergreen Point to the Ausbon Sargent Land Preservation Trust (Ausbon Sargent) upon her death. This property is located on the south side of Little Lake Sunapee in New London, opposite and slightly east of Colby Point. The bequest was restricted, requiring that Ausbon Sargent remove all 17 of the camp buildings from the site, return the property to its natural state, and allow no public access. With the strong support of the Little Sunapee Protective Association, Ausbon Sargent raised over $100,000 that was estimated to meet the requirements of this gift. Marjorie Young came from strong Swedish stock and it was perhaps from her forebears that she inherited her love of nature. In bequeathing her beloved property to Ausbon Sargent, she expressed a desire that it remain a sanctuary and return to its natural state. Marjorie’s legacy will endure and be appreciated by generations to come. This land is the first property owned outright by Ausbon Sargent and it offers a rare opportunity to preserve lakefront property in its natural state. Marjorie’s gifted property offers 9 acres of land located near the channel with 1,000 feet of shore frontage. It is visible from Newport Road (Rt. 11) and lies near other protected lands, all offering the conservation of water quality of Little Lake Sunapee. On August 12, 2015, Sharon and Duffy Sheehan gifted Ausbon Sargent a parcel of land adjacent to Evergreen Point, bringing the total acreage of this parcel to 10 acres. This new acreage will protect an additional 150 feet of frontage on Little Lake Sunapee and over 130 feet of frontage on Newport Road. The cove on the Sheehan property is an ideal spot to place a nesting platform for loons. Sharon and Duffy Sheehan's acreage would have been a suitable property to develop and build a house on had the Sheehan's not been so gracious with their gift.

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