Staff & Trustees

(L-R ) Susie Moore, Glennie LeBaron, Andy Deegan, Jen Deasy, Kristy Heath, Anne Payeur


Executive Director (policy, finances, gifts & planned giving)

Land Protection Specialist (conservation projects)
Andy Deegan 603-526-6555

Stewardship Manager (land stewarding, easement/land issues)
Anne Payeur  603-526-6555     

Stewardship and Outreach Coordinator (land stewarding, programming, outreach) 
Glennie LeBaron 603-526-6555

Operations Manager (membership, easement volunteers and general information)
Jen Deasy 603-526-6555 

Development & Communications Coordinator (grants, special events, publicity, media, website, and general information)
Kristy Heath 603-526-6555

Susie Moore  603-526-6555

Board of Trustees

Chairman: Lisa Andrews

Vice-Chairman: Bob Zeller

Secretary: Susan Ellison

Treasurer: Mike Quinn

Robin Albing
Aimee Ayers
Chuck Bolduc
Laurie DiClerico

Lexi Garcia
Debbie Lang
Russell Moore
Jim Owers

Diane Robbins
Steve Root