• 9.60 acres
  • 12/07
  • N

Route 103A, Newbury

The 9.6-acre Levine/Vail easement was donated to Ausbon Sargent in December of 2007 by the LEJ Revocable Trust. The property is in close proximity to the 710-acre Hay Wildlife and Forestry Management Area and the 165-acre John Hay National Wildlife Refuge. It was once part of the Hay Estate. The main goal behind the preservation of this property was to protect the water quality of Lake Sunapee, therefore, public access is not guaranteed.

The Levine property includes 1,070 feet of frontage along Cunningham Brook, an important tributary to Lake Sunapee. Conservation of the land adjacent to Cunningham Brook is very important for protecting the water quality of the lake. The easement also contains 292 feet of frontage on Lake Sunapee, providing shoreline that will not be developed beyond the current beach and dock areas and a scenic view from the lake.

The Town of Newbury Conservation Commission holds the executory interest in the Levine/Vail property.

The Levine easement was transferred to Robert P. and Rebecca J. Vail on December 16, 2013. Rebecca J. Vail passed away in 2018 and the property is now under a trust in Robert's name.

Read the feature article in the summer issue of the 2008 Chatter about this property.

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