• 26.46 acres
  • 9/15
  • L

Pumpkin Hill Road, Warner

Mark Lennon, purchased a house and 26.46 acres on Pumpkin Hill Road in 1990 and it was always in his thoughts to conserve the land. Read his thoughts on conservation in his article, which appeared in the 2015 summer issue of the Chatter. Mark spent years clearing fields and thinning an overgrowth of pines from his forests. On September 18, 2015, Mark successfully placed an easement on the property with Ausbon Sargent.

The Lennon Conservation Easement has over 424 feet of frontage on Pumpkin Hill Road. It protects scenic views over the property that are accessible using an adjacent Class VI road and also allows for low impact pedestrian public recreation on the trails. The property is listed as "Highest Ranked Habitat" in New Hampshire, protecting abundant wildlife such as deer, moose, bear, turkey, grouse and the beaver found in the beaver pond wetlands at the edge of the Lennon property. Conserving this acreage also protects valuable forestry soils.

The Lennon Conservation Easement was protected with the help of the Quabbin-to-Cardigan Partnership.

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