• 2.08 acres
  • 12/02
  • U

Little Sunapee Road, New London

Lands beyond the shoreline must be protected if future generations are to enjoy Little Lake Sunapee’s exceptional water quality and recreational opportunities. The MacMillin/Crary easement, on the north side of Little Sunapee Road, will protect a part of the lake’s watershed and may one day help provide access to a future trail network.

The parcel is primarily forested and is visible to the general public from Little Sunapee Road. It is one of four lots that once constituted Colbytown Camp, which for many years treated disadvantaged youngsters to summer activities by the lake. Two of the lots were purchased by Dave and Mary MacMillin and two were purchased by Chris and Janice Cundey; both parties have now made conservation easement donations of their adjoining parcels.

The MacMillin property, though small in size is another piece of the puzzle of contiguous protected land in the Little Lake Sunapee watershed, including the much larger New England Forestry Foundation, Parkhurst/Sjostrom, and Donavan Family easements that comprise an extended ecosystem/habitat area that covers several hundred acres of Ausbon Sargent protected conservation lands.

The Town of New London Conservation Commission holds the executory interest of this conservation easement.

Ownership of the McMillan property was transferred to Miner and Helen Crary on November 21, 2016.

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