Ledge Pond/Town of Sunapee

  • 103.32 acres
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Ledge Pond/Town of Sunapee

Meadow Brook Road, Sunapee

The Town of Sunapee and its Conservation Commission donated a conservation easement to Ausbon Sargent, protecting 41% of the shore frontage on Ledge Pond. The property was originally owned by the Town to protect the pond’s water quality; it was formerly used as the drinking water source for Georges Mills.

The easement includes a total of 103.32 acres and over 5,100 feet of shore frontage. The bulk of the property is a town forest, managed for timber as well as water protection, wildlife habitat, and pedestrian and snowmobile access by the public. Common loons nest on the pond, which is ranked among the highest quality wildlife habitat in New Hampshire. A public parking area, located off of Meadow Brook Road, allows walkers/hikers to park and walk less than half mile along a woods road to the pond. From there hikers can take in the views of the pond or continue along trails in either direction which run near the shoreline and provide views of the pond, its shoreline, and sometimes of the loons themselves. An established snowmobile corridor crosses the pond and enters the easement property making the property accessible to many in the winter also. We are grateful to the Town of Sunapee for ensuring that this pond will maintain much of its undeveloped shoreline.

In 2022, an Eagle Scout, Lucien Osborne, built a trail on the Ledge Pond property. This map includes the new trail "Lucien's Trail" and other existing trails on the property.

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