• 53.13 acres
  • 6/01
  • N

293 Maple Street, Andover

Encompassing 53.13 acres of predominantly open pastureland with approximately 200 feet of frontage on Highland Lake and 2150 feet of frontage along Maple Street, the Property provides the general public with spectacular views of Highland Lake to the east and of Mt. Kearsarge to the west. It has been identified by the Town of Andover on a "Sensitive Natural Areas" map as a property having special characteristics to be preserved. The property is part of a much larger ecosystem/habitat area covering more than a thousand acres of protected lands including the Newman, the Bernhard and Mayman, the Jones, the Fairall and the Taunton Hill Realty Trust Easements. The terms of the easement require the land to be forever kept in its scenic and open space condition, keeping its lovely views intact. The land may be used for agriculture or forestry, but cannot ever be subdivided.

The ASLPT acquired this easement in slightly different manner than usual. It is what is called a post-mortem easement. Cordelia Graves died in March of 2000 and this piece of property was part of her estate. Her heirs, John F. Graves, Ann Ford and James W. Graves, decided that it was important to them to preserve this parcel intact and that they also wanted to reduce the value of the estate. By putting a conservation easement on this parcel of land, they were able to eliminate estate taxes.

The property consists of 53.13 acres - approximately 25 acres is open field bounded by stonewalls and sugar maples with 2150 feet of road frontage along Maple Street and 200 feet of frontage on Highland Lake. The property includes 1878 New England style house, and an old barn that is in disrepair.

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