Gross/Walton & Parent

  • 100.50 acres
  • 12/09
  • L
Gross/Walton & Parent

Route 11, Andover

Located on the north side of Route 11, one mile west of the village of Andover, this easement is a gateway property to Andover along a major east/west route. It protects the rural character of the area, being primarily forested, but including open fields - protecting habitat for deer, moose, bear, turkey, woodland birds, reptiles, amphibians, fish, mussels and insects as well as protecting high quality forest soils. The land is managed for forestry and is a certified tree farm. The New Hampshire Natural Heritage Bureau has recorded sightings on the property of Wood Turtle (Glyptemys insculpta), which is a species of special concern and Ginseng (Panax quinquefolius), which is a state threatened plant species. There is also a population of Brook Floater (Alasmidonta varicose), a state endangered mussel, within 0.5 miles of this easement. The property is listed as a Supporting Landscape by the Quabbin to Cardigan Partnership. This property protects 2,263 feet along Cold Brook, a perennial stream which flows into the Blackwater River. Public access for pedestrian activities is allowed. (You can read about the 5 siblings, Donna, Donald, Russ, Richard and Ray, of the Gross Family in the Winter 2010 edition of Chatter.) On August 2, 2013 the Gross family transferred ownership of this property to Christopher Walton and Elisabeth Parent. Consistent with all properties protected by Ausbon Sargent, though ownership has changed, all conditions of the easement agreement will remain the same.

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