Gordon, Lincoln/Darkwater, LLC

  • 35.70 acres
  • 2/95
  • L
Gordon, Lincoln/Darkwater, LLC

Route 11, New London

This property includes 1,000 feet of shoreline along Lake Sunapee, 1,075 feet of shoreline along Otter Pond, and 1,075 feet road frontage along Rt. 11. Initially, Dr. Lincoln Gordon intended to make an "outright donation" of some of his property. He had two important objectives: 1) to permanently protect his property and 2) to reduce the value of his estate. However, by donating a conservation easement he retains ownership, protects his property from development, and reduces the value of his estate. Dr. Gordon and his family decided to place restrictions on 35 of his 40 acres. The restricted land cannot be subdivided or built upon and the property must remain forested. The remaining 5 acres, which includes his house, will be unrestricted.

This property was sold to Dick and Jean Dulude in 2003.

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