Stiles & Fore/Fore Easement

  • 89.00 acres
  • 12/02
  • N
Stiles & Fore/Fore Easement

Wiggin Road, Danbury

Our first easement in Danbury was donated by Linford and Mary Ellin Stiles. Located at the foot of Ragged Mountain, on Wiggin Road, the land features a historic 200-year old home and spectacular views of Ragged Mountain and Danbury Bog. 27 acres of the easement, on the south side of Wiggin Road is open field bounded by stonewalls and sugar maples. The Stiles keep cows, llamas and goats. The land also supports abundant wildlife, including bear, moose, deer and a flock of wild turkeys that regularly makes its way into the Stiles’ cow pasture. The Stiles were inspired by friends in Andover who have donated conservation easements on their properties to Ausbon Sargent. They hope to provide a similar example for Danbury. They were encouraged to contact Ausbon Sargent by Stacey Viandier, a real estate agent with Coldwell Banker Milestone Real Estate.

The Stiles transferred the property in 2008 to Chris and Jennifer Fore.  On 12/20/19, Jennifer and Chris Fore added a 7-acre parcel to the original 82-acre easement making the total acreage under conservation easement now 89 acres.

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