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Springfield Road, Sunapee

The Stockwell family has vacationed on Otter Pond since 1955. In 2006 Bill & Betty Stockwell decided to rebuild their cottage on Cove Point at the northern end of Otter Pond. It was at this time that they realized the land across the cove on Springfield Road was for sale – with flagging for 4 building lots. When the development sale didn’t go through, the Stockwells decided to become part of conservation efforts on Otter Pond and the Lake Sunapee watershed. In their own words, "We felt very fortunate to have been able to intervene in these events and avoid the risk of development along that portion of Otter Pond shoreline. A seasonal brook bisects the property and one side of the tract abuts a narrow Ausbon Sargent tract of conserved land along Oak Ridge Road. We decided to conserve a 1.69 acre wooded portion of the property – including the seasonal brook – and contacted ASLPT to donate an easement. Despite the small size of the tract, it met the criteria as it is densely wooded shoreline. We hope this small parcel encourages others to donate easements – especially in critical niches of land along shorelines and streams. Thankfully Ausbon Sargent concurs!"

This conservation easement consists of 1.69 acres of undeveloped forest along Otter Pond. This forest is wet and there is evidence of vernal pools. The protection of the property allows for the protection of 444 feet of shorefront along Otter Pond and 237.87 feet along Springfield Road. Additionally the easement abuts land owned by Otter Pond Protection Association which is also protected by a conservation easement that was granted to Ausbon Sargent.

In September of 2021, ownership of the property was transferred to Brian and Sarah (Stockwell) McAllister.

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