Nutting Family Farm

  • 84.40 acres
  • 10/20
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Nutting Family Farm

Stagecoach Road, Sunapee

On October 19, 2020 with support from the Town of Sunapee Conservation Commission and dozens of generous private donors, the Nutting family granted a conservation easement to Ausbon Sargent Land Preservation Trust on their 84-acre farm on Stagecoach Road. 

This property, which connects over 500 acres of already-conserved land, will act as a wildlife corridor in the region, and will further accentuate the rural character in that area. The property is highly ranked for wildlife habitat, and lends itself to some nice views as it sits along Stagecoach Road. The Nutting Family Farm has active hay fields, prime agricultural soils, forestland, wetlands, and has been managed for forestry in the past. Now that the property is conserved by a conservation easement, it is forever protected from development and will remain open for low-impact recreation.

Joanne Menard, trustee of the Nutting Family Trust, shared “The heirs of the Nutting family are pleased to honor their family members from past, present and future by adding a portion of its acreage to the growing list of properties protected from future development by placing it within the Ausbon Sargent Land Preservation Trust. The conserved land is a piece of a community vision to conserve the natural habitat, rural heritage, and scenic open space in perpetuity.”

The conservation easement allowed for the property to be subdivided and conveyed separately. This right was exercised in 2022 when 77.80 acres of the property was purchased by R.H.Webb Forest Preserves, and 6.6 acres is owned by Kenneth Nutting.

We are thankful that the Nutting family has entrusted Ausbon Sargent to watch over this special property, forever.

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