Nelson Farm

  • 89.00 acres
  • 10/05
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Nelson Farm

Pierce Road, Bradford

The Nelson Family Farm, an 88-acre conservation easement on the northeast side of Lake Massasecum in Bradford, is part of one the "Great Lots," granted to John Mason by the King of England in the 17th century. The Nelson Family’s connections to the land dates back to the early 1920’s and are only the third family to hold title to the property.

For many years, the farm served as a summer home, not only for the Nelson family, but their numerous friends. When Olive Nelson could no longer care for the property, a family farm corporation was organized to handle the details of ownership. The future of the property was always a topic for discussion and at the 18th Annual Nelson Family Farm Corporation meeting in 1998 the idea of a conservation easement was suggested. Over the next few years, the area to be protected - the portion of Guild Hill that faces Lake Massasecum - was selected. This property is made up of primarily undeveloped forestland and contains the highest point surrounding Lake Massasecum on the northeast side.

The Ausbon Sargent Land Preservation Trust was chosen as the easement holder, draft easements were prepared, sent out to all members, reviewed, amended, and discussed again. By 2004, consensus was reached and the survey plan was completed. Following the Annual Meeting of the Nelson Family Farm Corporation in July of 2005, all family members were polled a final time. There is approximately 473 feet along the shoreline of Lake Massasecum, exhibits that the land is both important to the scenic value and the water quality of the lake. There is significant wildlife habitat on the property, and the view of Guild Hill is impressive, whether seen from Lake Massasecum or Route 114. The Nelson Family looks forward to enjoying the property and sharing it with everyone for many more generations to come.

In 2009, the Nelson family added an additional one acre of shoreline to the original easement, completed in 2005.

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