McDonough Property

  • 5.12 acres
  • 2/24
  • U
McDonough Property

Route 11, Andover

Ausbon Sargent finalized a conservation easement on February 6, 2024 on a 5.12-acre property in Andover. The McDonough property has frontage on the Northern Rail Trail, Route 11, and Sucker Brook. This acreage is owned by the Town of Andover, and lies between two of Ausbon Sargent's existing easements. Nestled between the 54.25-acre Roger Hersey easement and the 41.77- acre Perry easement, the addition of this acreage creates just over 100 acres of  protected land in this area, which is important for wildlife movement in the region. This property also protects Sucker Brook, which flows into Webster Lake.

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