McCandlish and Sillars (Kisakanari Woodlot)

  • 318.00 acres
  • 3/11
  • L
McCandlish and Sillars (Kisakanari Woodlot)

West and Old Bradford Roads, Bradford

Brooks McCandlish and his wife Janet Sillars wanted to conserve their Bradford land, the "Kisakanari" woodlot for two decades. In March of 2011, they donated a conservation easement on 318 acres to Ausbon Sargent.

Brooks and Janet raise Jacobs sheep, a small multi-horned heritage breed, producing fiber and meat from their pastures. Brooks is a licensed forester who provides a fine eye to forest management on the property (and many other properties in our region), resulting in forest stands of high quality trees. Despite interests in forestry and agriculture, they also value the natural cycles of the beaver-created wetland area which is an open water pond when the beaver are active, and a lush green meadow when the beaver abandon their dam.

The Kisakanari easement includes the beginning of tributaries that join two major brooks in town – the Hoyt Brook and the West Branch of the Warner River. The local snowmobile club maintains a corridor through the property which can be used by snowmobilers, cross country skiers and showshoers alike. The Quabbin to Cardigan Partnership helped fund the transaction expenses on the Kisakanari easement.

This 318 acre easement abuts other conserved land which links it to over 16,000 acres of conserved land in the Pillsbury-Sunapee corridor in Washington, Bradford, Goshen and Newbury.

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