King Hill Reservation

  • 441.00 acres
  • 4/99
  • U
King Hill Reservation

Hominy Pot & Kings Hill Road, Sutton

Frank Stewart of Northland Residential Corporation deeded 441 acres of what was the King Ridge Ski Area to the Town of Sutton with Ausbon Sargent holding the conservation easement. The gift came after nearly two years during which Stewart negotiated the purchase of King Ridge Ski Area and won approval for a 36-lot luxury home development on the 352 acres adjacent to the existing ski lodge road. After Sutton officials indicated the town would be interested in receiving the remaining 441 acres, Ausbon Sargent's Executive Director Debbie Stanley worked closely with the town and Stewart on the details of a conservation easement. The Town of Sutton will manage the land to maintain its capacity for recreation and wildlife habitat. As holder of the conservation easement, Ausbon Sargent is responsible, in perpetuity, for enforcing its restrictions. Currently there is trailhead access with maps of the reservation available off Hominy Pot Road and off Kings Hill Road. While originally designed for downhill skiing the trails offer year round recreation with spectacular views for hikers, snowmobilers, skiers or snowshoers.

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