Kidder-Cleveland/New London

  • 16.20 acres
  • 12/91
  • L
Kidder-Cleveland/New London

Pleasant Street, New London

To meet the matching dollar requirements of the New Hampshire Land and Community  Investment Program (LCIP) for the Town of New London to purchase the Spring Ledge Farm conservation easement, longtime New London residents William F. Kidder and James C. Cleveland donated the value of their conservation easements on 16.2 acres of their land on Pleasant Street to the Town.

For 25 years, the Town of New London held the easement, with Ausbon Sargent as the backup grantee. In June 2016, the Town acquired title to the property resulting in Ausbon Sargent becoming the primary easement holder. 

The land preserves open space and provides outdoor recreation for hiking trails and hunting. The property cannot be subdivided or used to satisfy density requirements with respect to development of other lands.

This property contains part of the Kidder-Cleveland-Clough Trail maintained by the Town of New London Conservation Commission and can be accessed from Pleasant Street. Find out more about the trail on the New London Conservation Commission's website.

The State of NH Conservation Land Stewardship Program holds the backup interest in the easement.

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