Hersey, Roger/Hersey

  • 54.25 acres
  • 10/10
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Hersey, Roger/Hersey

Route 11, Andover

The Roger Hersey Farm is predominantly farmland used for pasture with some forested land. The farm has been managed by the Hersey family for over 100 years, and currently produces Hereford breeding stock, and beef cattle. It lies adjacent to the 267 acre Hersey Family Farm and Forest, belonging to Roger’s cousin Jerry Hersey, which was conserved by Ausbon Sargent with two conservation easements in 2007. Currently both cousins’ properties are managed as one farm.

The Roger Hersey land includes soils of "Prime Agricultural" and "Statewide and Local" significance making it important to conserve this property for farming. The forested land is used primarily as shade for the cattle. Running along much of the eastern boundary of the Property is 1,300 feet of a perennial brook, referred to as the Dyers Crossing Brook. The fields are identified in the 2005 NH Wildlife Action Plan as among the highest ranked habitats for wildlife in the biological region - providing important grassland habitat for a wide variety of species including migrating birds, hawks, turkeys, and owls, reptiles and amphibians. This farm is considered a scenic gateway property with well-known views across open fields and pastureland to the forested hills beyond. The farm landscape and its associated buildings are listed in the National Register of Historic Places and represent part of the Hersey Farms Historic District.

The Roger Hersey Farm easement (54.25 acres), like the abutting Hersey Family Farm and Forest (267 acres), is the result of a successful fundraising partnership lead by Ausbon Sargent including the Andover Historical Society, and The Andover Conservation Commission. Ausbon Sargent secured federal funding from the U.S. Dept. of Agriculture’s Farm & Ranchland Program and from the Burton D. Morgan Foundation. The remaining funds came from the Andover Conservation Commission and private individual donors. Roger Hersey sold the easement at a bargain price.

The property is currently owned by Roger's daughter, Lori Hersey, and managed by Roger's cousin, Jerry Hersey.

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