Hiller Trust

  • 69.20 acres
  • 12/10
  • N
Hiller Trust

Valley Road, Andover

The 69.2 acre Hiller conservation easement is adjacent to the already protected Hersey Family Farm and the Roger Hersey Farm – conserving over 325 contiguous acres on Route 11 and the Rail Trail in Andover. The Hiller land includes woodland with two small open fields on the east side of Valley Road and prime wetlands (as designated by the Town of Andover), which are located west of Valley Road along the northern boundary. Sucker Brook and several tributaries run through this easement with an old mill site on Sucker Brook, south of the house. The Hillers’ easement provides important wildlife habitat for a wide variety of species, including the wood turtle, a species of conservation concern designated in the 2010 Wildlife Action Plan and identified by NH Natural Heritage Bureau. The soils on the Hillers’ land are suitable for growing a wide variety of commercial tree species, as well as farm soils of local and statewide importance that could be used for agriculture in the future.

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