Gordon, Frank & Dot, Chetwood Trust (Sunapee)

  • 19.59 acres
  • 11/92
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Gordon, Frank & Dot, Chetwood Trust (Sunapee)

Jobs Creek Road, Sunapee

Frank Gordon and his wife Dot made their affection for this region concrete by protecting 63 acres and 3,000 feet of shoreline on Lake Sunapee. Through Ausbon Sargent, they restricted development and guaranteed public access on their properties on Jobs Creek Road in Sunapee and four years later in New London on Davis Hill Road and along Otter Pond. In 1919 Frank's father brought him to Lake Sunapee to recuperate from influenza and pneumonia. Both father and son fell in love with the lake with Frank crediting "the clean air" for his cure. His father was so smitten that he decided to buy 100 acres on the lake and except for a few years, the Gordon family has spent summers ever since at Chetwood. In 1981 Frank retired from his law practice and he and Dot became year-round residents.

Frank Gordon passed away in February 2000.

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