Davis Hill Realty Trust

  • 16.18 acres
  • 4/21
  • L
Davis Hill Realty Trust

Davis Hill Road, New London

On April 14, 2021, Ausbon Sargent was granted a conservation easement on a 16.18-acre property along Davis Hill Road and Route 11 in New London. The property is adjacent to the already-protected Gordon Easement, and is forested with good forestry soils. A stream that runs through the property, as well as associated wetlands, contribute to the health of both Otter Pond and Lake Sunapee, between which the property is situated.

Landowners and sisters, Nancy Solodar, Betsy Warner, and Pat Goodlin felt it was important to keep this property in its natural state, which prompted the donation of this conservation easement.

Nancy shared “Our main goal is to preserve the natural aspect of Davis Hill Road and we realize that protecting this property is important to Otter Pond and Lake Sunapee. We have been coming to Sunapee since we were born and Davis Hill Road has always been a special place for our family.”

With the partnership between the sisters and Ausbon Sargent, we are pleased to report that the 16.18 acres that make up the Davis Hill Realty Trust property will remain a healthy piece of the Lake Sunapee watershed puzzle for the generations ahead.


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