Carroll/Keating and Carroll (Burpee Hill)

  • 33.80 acres
  • 7/93
  • N
Carroll/Keating and Carroll (Burpee Hill)

Burpee Hill Road, New London

Peg Carroll along with Nancy and Kit Tatum worked together to preserve a spectacular view of Lake Sunapee and Mt. Sunapee from Burpee Hill Road, New London. Peg Carroll began to think about land protection after talking with her neighbor, Eunice Bohanon who was the first landowner to donate a conservation easement to Ausbon Sargent. The Bohanon easement was also the catalyst for the Bessie Phillips (see maps #13 & #14) and the Stanley Farm Association easements. 197.38 acres of land have been protected land on the northwesterly end of Burpee Hill because of these five families donating conservation easements. Ausbon Sargent has the right to cut trees to maintain the scenic vista from the road.

Peg Carroll passed away in June 1998. The land was subdivided into two parcels in June 2004 between Peg’s daughter Sally Keating and her son Doug Carroll.

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