Carroll/Immelt (Route 103A)

  • 22.00 acres
  • 9/99
  • N
Carroll/Immelt (Route 103A)

Route 103A, New London

The children of Peg Dewey Carroll added to their mother's conservation legacy by permanently limiting development on their 22-acre inheritance between I-89 and 103A in New London. This parcel, with 850 feet of frontage on Route 103A at Herrick Cove, protects the Lake Sunapee watershed, maintains wildlife habitat and buffers traffic noise from I-89.

Under the terms of the conservation easement, the property can be divided for two house lots, with setbacks of 100 feet from Route 103A. The building envelope is four acres combined, leaving 18 acres untouched. Without protection New London zoning would have allowed for five house lots using the whole property.

Her children's gift continues their mother's conservation legacy of 33.8 acres on Burpee Hill in New London. The property is owned by Peg’s daughter Sue and her husband Steve Immelt.

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