Barraspur Limited

  • 161.00 acres
  • 1/12
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Barraspur Limited

Phillbrick Hill Road, Springfield

Barraspur Limited donated an easement on their 161 acres on Philbrick Hill Road in Springfield. The property protects over 4,100 feet of frontage on Bog Brook which is a target area for conservation for the Town of Springfield and the Town of Grantham. The Barraspur land is adjacent to the Village District of Eastman land which is the water supply for the Eastman community. Ausbon Sargent partnered with the Eastman Charitable Foundation, as well as, the Village District of Eastman to help the landowner cover the cost of conserving this important property. The land is owned by a family corporation and they were committed to the conservation of this property. The conservation easement also protects valuable agricultural and forestry soils. The land will remain open to the public for low impact pedestrian uses.

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