Barclin Land Company, LLC/Costanza

  • 15.25 acres
  • 12/09
  • L
Barclin Land Company, LLC/Costanza

42 Shaw Hill Road, Andover

The Property consists primarily of undeveloped forestland with frontage on South Shaw Hill Road and Raccoon Hill Road in Andover. The easement conserves open space for wildlife habitat, productive forestland, and it secures public access for low-impact, non-motorized pedestrian recreation.

The soils on the Property are rated highly for forest products, and farm soils of local significance. The land is identified by the New Hampshire Wildlife Action Plan as a supportive landscape for wildlife. Water flowing from the land joins the Blackwater River and its associated wetlands, an important wildlife resource identified in the Wildlife Action Plan. Additionally this Property is near the Broshek and Higgs conservation easements and adjacent to another easement soon to be completed. Prior to being conserved, this property almost became a six lot subdivision.

On 11/14/2017, this 17.75-acre property was transferred to Joseph and Andrea Costanza and on 8/20/2019, the Costanzas exercised their reserved right to remove 2.5 acres from the easement as a building lot.

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