Winter 2020


  • Those "Conservation Conversations" and How They Happen--We know the conversations are important, so it's also important that we consider the best way to deliver our message to our varied audience.
  • Conversations and Teachable Moments--A young parent writes a wondrful article about the conversations he has with his 6-year old daughter while hiking around our beautiful area.
  • A Danger to Our Precious Oaks--Sullivan County Forester Dode Gladders shares concerns for the infectious disease known as Oak Wilt.
  • Sawyer Brook Headwaters Update--Ausbon Sargent Trustee Sheridan Brown presents the great news about Ausbon Sargent's most recently preserved property.
  • Property News, pages 6-7:  Learn more about the Rowell MacWilliams Woodlot and the Stiles/Fore Addition.
  • Transitions in Leadership at Ausbon Sargent--Meet our new trustees on pages 10-11.
  • Conservation Conversations and the Webb Family--Generations of the Webb Family at Harding Hill Farm talk about the conversations necessary to keep a family farm vibrant.
  • Leaving a Legacy to the Land He Loved--Dr. Charles Kane chose to honor Ausbon Sargent with his wonderful bequest.

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