Summer 2020


  • The Importance of Conserved Land--It's not just about the wildlife and watershed!
  • Messer Farm Spotlight--Learn about Ausbon Sargent's current land project, and the reasons why it has been on the top of our list of properties to protect for over 30 years. New London Archivist, Jim Perkins shares his knowledge of the property from the 1800's. Greg Berger, owner of Spring Ledge Farm, explains why this property is so important to New London and to the region.
  • Welcome Anne Payeur--Meet our newest member of the Ausbon Sargent team, Anne Payeur. See what she's been up to as Stewardship Manager since she started working for the land trust in March!
  • Property News--Ausbon Sargent has completed several land projects since the last issue of "Chatter." Read about five different properties in five different towns!
  • Earth Day Turns 50!-- See how you can celebrate this milestone all year long with eight "DIY" hikes put together by Ausbon Sargent. Complete all eight hikes and earn a special gift!
  • Membership, Gifts, and Volunteer Thank-Yous--Pages 10-13 are testimony to the many individuals, companies, organizations and foundations that donate time, money and resources, and serve as a lifeline for the land trust.
  • A Change of Plans--Learn how Ausbon Sargent is moving forward amid the many cancellations this year.
  • Past Generosity Brings Current and Future Benefits--Trustee, Ginny Gwynn shares her gratitude for the vision and generosity of individuals who do their part to protect the region.

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