Winter 2017


  • Let Ausbon Sargent Help You to "Opt Outside"--As our Chatter theme "Opt Outside" implies, we are encouraging our readers to look for more opportunities to enjoy our great outdoors.
  • Thirty Years of Challenges and Accomplishments--Past board chairs who celebrated one of Ausbon Sargent's 5-year anniversaries share some of the highlights of their term as chair.
  • Recent property closings or those in "the works"--Read about the closing of the Nowell Easement in Wilmot and the newly added acreage at the Clark Lookout.  Celebrate with us as the Deuink property in Danbury was awarded a large grant from LCHIP.
  • Ausbon Sargent shares the loss of three landowners this year: Ralph Spofford, Van Webb and Amy Blitzer.
  • Ausbon Sargent Welcomes Martha McLeod to the Board
  • Opt In with a Child--Trustee Steve Allenby writes a wonderful article about sharing our rural landscape with his grandchildren.
  • Ausbon Sargent Does More Than Conserve Land--We offer workshops, hikes and other activities to engage our community members.
  • Memorial Gifts Honor the Individual and the Work They Were Passionate About

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