Summer 2016


  • "If not me, who? If not now, when?"--an article sharing how one landowner chose to protect her property by naming Ausbon Sargent in her will.
  • "Our Wonderful New Website is Complete"--we announce that our new website, created by Paul Carnevale Jr., is now fully functional.
  • Laurie DiClerico retired from Ausbon Sargent in July, 2016.  Read more.
  • Memories of landowner, Libby Trayner by Gerry Gold and Bill Clough and facts about the land Libby willed to Ausbon Sargent.
  • The McLeod Preserve in Andover and the Nowell Conservation Easement in Wilmot--read about our newest properties that we have protected or are working to protect.
  • Sissy Wastcoat's generous gift--another Acorn Society member.

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