Ausbon Sargent Announces Andy Deegan as Interim Executive Director

Ausbon Sargent Announces Andy Deegan as Interim Executive Director

Dear members, supporters, and friends:

The Ausbon Sargent Board of Trustees is pleased to announce that Andy Deegan “Land Protection Specialist” has been appointed Interim Executive Director of the organization. Andy has been with Ausbon Sargent for the last 15 years. During Andy’s time at Ausbon Sargent, he has worked in stewardship, education, outreach, fundraising, grant writing and land protection. Andy is a dedicated, thoughtful, and knowledgeable staff member who has Ausbon Sargent's best interest at heart. In addition to this appointment, Sue Andrews (former Operations Manager) has agreed to assist Andy and the office on a part-time basis. Board of Trustee members will also provide additional guidance and support throughout this transition.

Ben Wallace has transitioned out of the role of Executive Director at Ausbon Sargent. We greatly appreciate the hard work and dedication that Ben brought to this role and wish him the best in his future endeavors.

The Board of Trustees and the staff at Ausbon Sargent look forward to this time of transition and view it as an opportunity for growth. The Board is confident that Andy’s leadership, the addition of Sue Andrews, and the continued hard work of the staff will continue to make Ausbon Sargent one of the most effective and admired Land Trusts in New England. We appreciate your continued support of Ausbon Sargent, and we look forward to maintaining our close and strong relationship with you and with our community.

Lisa Andrews          

Board Chair              
Ausbon Sargent Land Trust