Ausbon Sargent Protects 125-Acres in Wilmot

Ausbon Sargent Protects 125-Acres in Wilmot

On January 13, 2023 the Ausbon Sargent Land Preservation Trust  finalized the donation of a conservation easement on 125 acres of land in Wilmot, NH. "Pound Woodland Preserve" is very close to the Cassey Brook Preserve, which was purchased by the land trust in 2020. The property includes the headwaters of Cassey Brook, and a portion of it is ranked highest for wildlife habitat in the state. These 125 acres, owned by Ken and Nola Aldrich, have been identified as an important area for protection in the Wilmot Master Plan.

When asked why protecting this property was so important to them, Nola offered:

"We wanted to protect the open space and also keep it available for outdoor recreation."

Ken and Nola enjoy walking on the property's trails, and are pleased to be able to share their land with the public. This property will be open for low-impact recreational uses, such as hiking, running, and bird-watching.

We are thankful to the Aldrich family for entrusting Ausbon Sargent with the stewardship of their special place, forever.