Ausbon Sargent Purchases Messer Farm Expansion Property

Ausbon Sargent Purchases Messer Farm Expansion Property

On April 15, 2021, The Ausbon Sargent Land Preservation Trust purchased a 9.4-acre land parcel which abuts the recently-purchased Messer Farm property in New London. This additional acreage will provide a perfect trail-head location, off-street parking, and access to the Messer Forest area for trail maintenance/creation and eventual forest maintenance.

Other benefits of the property are scenic views of Ragged Mountain and Mt. Kearsarge, protection of wetlands and White Brook headwaters, and protection of wildlife habitat. The property will also provide access to farmland on the Messer Farm property that is otherwise inaccessible due to the topography of the land.

With the land trust’s recent acquisition of the Two Brook Woods property (March, 2021) on the opposite side of the Messer Farm property, there is now the possibility for trails to exist between Morgan Hill Road and Pleasant Street. The recreational possibilities in this part of New London are already anticipated by many, evident of the outpouring of support from over 350 donors who helped with this project. This property clearly accentuates and makes accessible, all the positives of the Messer Farm property.

One donor included a note with her donation saying “I envision generations of men, women and children enjoying hiking and snow shoeing, the smell of the woods and the view.” One couple added a note of thanks; excited about the thought of trails within walking distance of their home “As older adults, we are looking for easier trails to walk that are free from automobile traffic and closer to home. Our gift is small, but it is outsized by our appreciation of your work.”

Ausbon Sargent feels fortunate to have taken on this project, which will bring joy and recreational opportunity to a multi-generational population in our region.