Bequests/The Acorn Society

One of the easiest ways to make a lasting and significant gift to Ausbon Sargent is to become a member of The Acorn Society by including us in your estate plan.  A bequest is a wonderful way to create a lasting legacy.  Bequest provisions in a will and/or a revocable living trust allow a donor to determine the final distribution in his or her estate and will help Ausbon Sargent continue to protect rural landscapes.  Bequests come in several forms: 

  • General Bequest – With a general bequest you simply leave a specified dollar amount to Ausbon Sargent.
  • Specific Bequest – With such a bequest, the donor designates that Ausbon Sargent will receive a specific piece of real or personal property.  A variation of this technique is if your land does have important conservation values, we can place restrictions on the land and then sell your property.  These restrictions protect your land and Ausbon Sargent guarantees enforcement of the restrictions. If you bequeath land, it does not have to have significant conservation value.  Ausbon Sargent can sell your property and use the income to further our land protection work.  
  • Bequest of a Conservation Easement – A Conservation Easement can be donated by your will; however, it is important that a donor consult first with Ausbon Sargent to assure the donor’s conservation goals can be met.  There are important technical details in drafting a conservation easement and donors should be aware of Ausbon Sargent’s monitoring and endowment policies. 
  • Residuary Bequest – In a residuary bequest, the donor leaves all or part of the balance of their estate to a beneficiary after all of the specific bequests have been satisfied. 
  • Contingent Bequest – A contingent bequest provides for the disposition of an estate if one or more of the named beneficiaries fails to survive the donor. 

Click here to see some examples of bequest language

Click here to download Ausbon Sargent's Bequest Intention Form (not a legally binding document)