Webb/Crowell Forest

  • 94.10 acres
  • 4/19
  • L
Webb/Crowell Forest

East Grange Road West, Sutton

On April 26, 2019, The Ausbon Sargent Land Preservation Trust closed on the 94-acre Webb/Crowell Forest, its newest conservation easement, located in Sutton on Eaton Grange Road West. 

Two years prior, in August of 2017, Ausbon Sargent was given an 8-acre parcel of land in the Town of Sutton.  This 8-acre property was adjacent to the 86-acre Webb/Crowell Forest which is owned by the Town of Sutton.  Because of their proximity, in the spring of 2018, Ausbon Sargent gifted the 8 acres to the Town of Sutton.  

Ausbon Sargent was pleased to find that one year later, at the 2019 Sutton Town Meeting, the residents voted to grant a conservation easement to Ausbon Sargent on the entire 94-acre parcel.

The Webb/Crowell Forest has frontage on both sides of the Lane River and has an extensive trail network that includes a significant bridge over the Lane River made from a steel I-beam turned on its side.  There are abundant signs of wildlife on the property including moose and deer, and habitat for wildlife is exemplary (highest ranking in the state by the 2015 Wildlife Action Plan). 

The property offers numerous recreational opportunities for local hikers that can be found on Sutton's Webb/Crowell Trail Map found by clicking here.

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