Webb (V-Oz)/Harding Hill Farm, LLC

  • 37.00 acres
  • 10/02
  • L
Webb (V-Oz)/Harding Hill Farm, LLC

Stagecoach Road, Sunapee

In 2002, Van Webb and the V-Oz Asset Management Company, LLC granted a conservation easement on 37 acres of undeveloped land with frontage on three roads in Sunapee. Accessible from Stagecoach Road, Harding Hill Road and Rte 103, this property is predominately forested, with a network of trails. The land is currently being managed for Red Oak and White Pine. It also has about 18 acres that are classified as wetland. A stream flows through the property and eventually makes its way to the Sugar River. This mix of forest and wetland results in great wildlife habitat, with deer, moose, fox and owls all present on the property.

The recreational use of trails for the public is encouraged on this property, though motorized vehicles are not allowed.

In 2015, the ownership of the property was transferred to Harding Hill Farm, LLC. The property is home to the Harding Hill Farm sugar house, visible from the intersection of Stagecoach Road and NH Route 103.

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