• 37.00 acres
  • 8/15
  • L

Avery Road, Sunapee

In August, 2015, Patricia Sorento of Sunapee donated the Sorento Conservation Easement to  Ausbon Sargent. This property is a beautiful, undeveloped mix of fields and forests with a stream that flows through the southeastern portion of the property providing a natural habitat for many woodland birds, animals, reptiles, amphibians and insects. The soils are highly ranked for forest production. There is a snowmobile trail that winds through the Sorento easement offering opportunities for low impact public recreation. This 37-acre conservation easement is also near other protected land including Ausbon Sargent's Wendell Marsh easements, NH Fish and Game's Dobles Tract, and the Town of Sunapee's Webb-Flint Lot and Dewey Woods Preserve. A Stewardship contribution from the Sunapee Conservation Commission ensures that Ausbon Sargent can watch over the Sorento property forever.

On April 2, 2021 Patricia Sorento sold her conservation easement property to Robert Gallup.

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