Sawyer Brook Headwaters Property

  • 384.50 acres
  • 6/20
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Sawyer Brook Headwaters Property


The Sawyer Brook Headwaters Property is a large, 384.5-acre property that abuts the Blue Mountain Forest Association’s Corbin Park and is in close proximity to other conserved lands that together, provide an important corridor for travel by wildlife. There are 35 acres of wetland on the property, which includes a beaver pond and beaver activity. This land is used extensively by the public for bird and wildlife watching, hiking, mountain biking, running, snowshoeing, horseback riding, etc. because of its impressive natural features and accessibility. As a result of being bordered by three Class VI (unmaintained) roads and one Town road, and featuring a variety of trails created during past timber harvests, this property offers broad recreational opportunities for individuals of all ages and abilities. A trail map featuring trails maintained by the Town can be found on the Town of Grantham website. Click here for the map.

In 2019, Grantham’s Town Meeting yielded a vote by the public to provide $250,000 towards the purchase of this property. The Conservation Fund, a national nonprofit organization, executed the Purchase and Sales Agreement to purchase the property in July 2019, and performed the appraisal, legal and title work for the initial closing. They held the title jointly with the Town until full funding for the Town’s acquisition was secured.  Ausbon Sargent was fortunate to be awarded with a grant from LCHIP (Land and Community Heritage Investment Program) that provided a major portion of the funding needed.

The project closed on June 22, 2020 after two years of preparation and hard work by many, and through the support of many more. The Town of Grantham now owns the property and Ausbon Sargent holds the easement. This project was made possible through the support from numerous Grantham residents, friends of the Land Trust, as well as grants from the NH Land and Community Heritage Investment Program (LCHIP), the NH State Conservation Committee's Moose Plate Grant Program, The Eastman Charitable Foundation, The Jack and Dorothy Byrne Foundation and other anonymous donors.  

The Sawyer Brook Headwaters project represents Ausbon Sargent's first conserved property in the town of Grantham. 




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