Johnson/Town of Goshen

  • 60.00 acres
  • 11/98
  • U
Johnson/Town of Goshen

Brook Road, Goshen

In 1998, Hazel Gladue Johnson signed over the 60-acres of her family farm on Brook Road in Goshen to the Town of Goshen with the conservation easement held by Ausbon Sargent. She donated her land and the development rights so that her property would be maintained for wildlife habitat and recreational uses, saying, "I like animals and there's so much development. The animals have to have a place to go." She went on to say, "I think we cannot own the land. All we can do is care for it." Hazel Johnson said the gift was not only from her, but also from her family members who agreed to forego an inheritance in favor of leaving the townspeople of Goshen this living legacy.

Predominantly wetland and forest, the property's vegetation and undeveloped open space provides significant wildlife habitat for a variety of species. The land is also important to the water quality of the Rand Pond watershed by filtering water run-off from storms.

This was the first gift of conservation land made to the Town of Goshen and it was the first property in Goshen for Ausbon Sargent. Both Goshen Selectmen and Conservation Commission members expressed their gratitude for Johnson's gift and legacy to the town, saying, "We will take very, very good care of it!"  The property is open for pedestrian access.

Hazel Johnson passed away March 2003.

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