George Clark Woods

  • 63.00 acres
  • 11/17
  • L
George Clark Woods

Rowe Mountain Road, Bradford

Gary Clark placed an easement on his 63-acre property in Bradford believing it was the perfect way to pay tribute to his father, George.  In 1958, George Clark purchased the property with the hopes of creating a retirement spot for him and his wife and a wildlife and recreation haven for all to enjoy.

The Clark Woods property now protects scenic views for people traveling on Rowe Mountain Road, protects streams, wetlands and wildlife habitat and has trails to access all parts of the property.  In addition, it is located near other protected land including Low State Forest, Battles Farm and both of the Blitzer protected properties.  The property is almost entirely listed as "Highest Ranked Habitat in the Biological Region or Supporting Landscapes" in the 2015 NH Wildlife Action Plan. It can be managed for forestry and agriculture, boasting highly ranked forestry soils.  The property is open to the public for low-impact recreational use.

In 2019, Gary Clark passed away. In December of 2022, Gary's sister Laurie Buchar and her husband David became landowners of the property.

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