• 26.00 acres
  • 12/14
  • L

Nichols Hill Road, Springfield

Cheryl Cummer and Jack Lyle, long-time supporters of the North Florida Land Trust, have preserved their family homestead in Mandarin, Florida on the St. Johns River through a conservation easement. With this in their history and conservation on their mind, they decided to preserve their family land near Star Lake Farm in Springfield, NH. In 2014, they conserved their property with two conservation easements, each with their own excluded area with the home tied to the land. The Springfield property is a mix of field and forest located on both sides of Nichols Hill Road. Their fields support nesting Bobolinks whose breeding habitats are open grassy fields, especially hay fields. The property has high ranking forest soils and is actively managed each year for hay with the intention of continuing to preserve the fields for the Bobolinks. There are very nice views of Croydon from the heights of land. The property is open to the public for low impact recreation.

Jack Lyle passed away on June 24, 2017.

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