Courser Phase 1 (Mud Pond, Webster)

  • 116.00 acres
  • 6/05
  • L
Courser Phase 1 (Mud Pond, Webster)

White Plains Road, Webster

This 317-acre property straddles the town line of Warner (201 acres) and Webster (116) and contains an extensive wetland flowing from Mud Pond to Schoodac Brook, as well as a rocky upland forest.

The Courser family refers to the Webster land as "the piece across from the old place," because their great-grandfather Thomas Jefferson Courser owned a large farm across the road - they call it the "old place." Brothers, Bill and Gerald Courser can remember haying fields that bordered the road. Mainly, the property was used for pasturing cattle in the summer, as they would have access to pasture, water, and shade. A maple grove on the upland was tapped during maple sugaring season and the sap ran downhill in wooden troughs where it was collected and brought to the sap house for boiling.

This easement donation was a partnership project among The Courser family (Rebecca, Gerald, Tim and Bill), Ausbon Sargent (easement holder and grantee), The Nature Conservancy (back-up grantee), and the Webster Conservation Commission (underwrote the survey, title work, hazardous waste assessment and stewardship fees).

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