Clark Lookout (Crook)

  • 14.00 acres
  • 1/06 ;9/16
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Clark Lookout  (Crook)

Davis Hill Road, New London

Clark Lookout emerges as a stunning surprise at the end of a graveled woods road lined by stonewalls and large, older hardwoods and giant white pines. As easement donor, Syd Crook himself describes the hike to the lookout, "You go up and up and then turn that last corner and –wow! There’s the view." Syd has named the viewpoint for his grandfather, James E. Clark, who discovered this special place when clearing and creating over 4.5 miles of carriage roads on his 110-acre estate between Herrick Cove, Route 11 and Route 103A as a hobby.

On February 2, 2006, Syd Crook donated the conservation easement on 4.47 acres off Davis Hill Road to Ausbon Sargent, and then gave the land to the Town of New London. The clearing at the top of the property offers a magnificent view looking southerly down the length of Lake Sunapee, as well as east and west beyond the shoreline into the surrounding hills and mountains. Syd also donated an easement on an additional 1.5-acre right of way easement to protect the footpath trail access via Clark Drive & Lookout Drive to Clark Lookout. In addition to conserving the view, the property is important to helping protect the water quality of Lake Sunapee.

Access is by foot; however, arrangements can be made with the NLCC for handicapped individuals to drive to the Lookout.

Syd passed away April 2010.

On September 26, 2016, the Town of New London acquired an additional 9.5 acres to expand Clark Lookout and the access road. The Town worked with Ausbon Sargent to amend the original conservation easement to include the additional acres to be conserved. This addition allows for trail expansion and includes some existing carriage roads. It also insures that the lookout will no longer be land locked and the road can never be used for development.

This acquisition offers a great opportunity to enhance the recreational enjoyment  for visitors to Clark Lookout.  We can now insure access for everyone by allowing those who need to drive to the lookout a gate key available for loan through the New London Town Office. The fields surrounding the access path will be mowed and maintained annually and the Clark Lookout Trail will be open for pedestrian access 365 days a year. 

Clark Lookout is a favorite and frequent destination for many as it offers one of the best views of Lake Sunapee. The path is less than 0.4 miles in length and very moderate in grade.

The Town of New London now owns the entire 14 acres of Clark Lookout and and its access road and Ausbon Sargent holds the easement on the entire property.


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